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Be Rio
Rio de Janeiro
Be Rio - Fashions & Productions

Culture, Education, Charm, Glamour, Fashion, and Beauty.

These are the trademarks of Be Rio Fashions & Productions. A world of entertainment bringing to you all of the cultural, the tropical, the cordial, the contrasts, the mix of enviable beauty and indescribable charm and personality. A Brazilian representative inviting you to immerse yourself in the history of an immense country famous for its scenic beauty and the warmth of its people -- a country called Brazil.

Why Be Rio:

First because Rio de Janeiro is one of the most beautiful cities of the world and she is blessed. Blessed because the first great event of Summer in Rio is New Year's Eve. A celebration of peace that every year unites around three million people on Copacabana beach. A night dressed in white and praying for peace. Blessed to host the greatest popular festivals on the planet -- Carnival. The samba bands can be heard in the streets, and the big samba schools prepare for the spectacular parades in the huge Sambodramo downtown, a show of rhythm, dancing, costumes, and floats. Blessed because Rio continues to be wonderful, continues to be the city known for its statue of Christ, with arms open over Guanabara Bay, as immortalized by Tom Jobim in his famous song, welcoming visitors to yet another warm and vibrant Rio summer, in the certainty that they will spend many moments there.

We hope you feel the blessing in the air and enjoy Be Rio and all the fun we can bring to you in a highly quality and positive way.