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Be Rio
Rio de Janeiro
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All choreographies by Cristina Ribeiro unless noted.

The Rise of Samba/Lundu
1807 - Prologue. Navio Negreiro (Slave Ship)
Prison ships transported slaves from Africa to Brazil. In Brazil, the Africans found slavery and later their freedom.
Music: "Mandela's Road" by Dudu Tucci
Dancer: Lillian Bush
1800's Lundu
The Lundu or Lundum was born brought to Brazil by Bantu slaves from Angola and surrounding areas. Still danced in the island of Marajo in the Amazon delta, it is a very sensual dance. It was later replaced by The Maxixe (1870-80) and The Samba.
Music: "Morena De Angola" by Clara Nunes
Dancers: Amy Darrah , Danae Gray, Gabriela Mendoza-Evans , Gina Musumeci, Huzan Sharma, Jenny Phan, Katrina Gillard, Lena Van Haren, Raquel Gonzalez, Sylvia Mendoza