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Be Rio
Rio de Janeiro
Be Rio - Fashions & Productions

All choreographies by Cristina Ribeiro unless noted.

1974 Samba-Reggae
The first Afro Bloc was Ile Aiye, formed in 1974 - The best known Afro of all is Olodum, who are generally considered to have invented Samba-Reggae. Samba-Reggae mixes Afro Bloc music with Reggae influences to produce an extremely popular music form which has gained popularity world over. Amongst others, Olodum has recorded and performed with such luminaires as Jimmy Cliff, Herbie Hancock and Paul Simon.
Music: "O Canto Da Cidade" by Daniella Mercury
Dancers: Craig Lawson, Erika Gordon, Gabriela Mendoza-Evans, Peggy Baltazar, Raquel De Lima, Sylvia Mendoza